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for the Distinguished
yet Slapdash Eater

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support various charities with the sales of our unusual, fun and fashionable apparel protectors. All net profits will be donated to the charities listed below. Over $10,000.00 in cash and merchandise has been donated to date.

Made in Oregon!

... All of our bibs are hand sewn in Oregon from the highest quality materials. No frogs were harmed in the making of these bibs.

A Small Sample of Our Creations


The RRRiBibs come in four styles:

Dining length$30.00 each
Dining length, Rhinestone Formal & Tuxedo Style$33.00 each
Eating Ice Cream & Cookies in Bed with crumb catcher$35.00 each
Bibpron with ties and a deep pocket; great for wait staff, animal groomers, cooks and more$38.00 each

Shipping is via the U.S. Postal Service and is included in the price of your bib..


Because of credit card fraud, identity theft and card fees, we are following the current trend of not taking credit cards. Please email me at susanW1201@aol.com or call me at 503-620-9436 to begin your order process and/or if you have any questions.  Please place “Bib” in the subject line so I can easily retrieve your message should the computer’s logic decides it belongs in Spam.


Each RRibib is reversible with the exception of some formal protectors.  They are individually hand made with 3 layers of 100% cotton for stability and are bonded by a unique stitched design which allows the garment to be washed multiple times without separating. They can be easily transported in a pocket or a purse.


Wash by machine or by hand in cold water. Smooth wrinkles and dry on a flat toweled surface or line dry. The rhinestone bibs can be machine washed in cold water using a laundry bag. Each protector has been pretreated with Vectra, itself a protector against household stains.


Unless the buyer chooses differently, donations will be made to the charity based on the pattern of the material selected.

Material DesignRecipient
Survivor/Pink Ribbon The American Cancer Society
Animals Central Coast Humane Society: Targeting Beach Bark, which assists caring animal owners with unexpected veterinary bills
Hope's Haven: No-kill animal rescue shelter

The Portland Rose Festival Foundation: 100 years of Rose Festival History

Angels & Formal Angels Anonymous: Assisting those who need temporary help
Food & Wine Buyer’s choice of charity

My Sister's Place: Sheltering abused families

Family Promise: Helping families in financial need

Look for a frog wearing his own protector to know the buyer has donated to a worthy cause. We’d appreciate it if you would also help by “liking” our FB page and telling others of this site

The Story behind our Fashionable Frog Fund Raising Effort.

Susan attends many formal affairs and is unable to transfer food from plate-to-mouth without spilling most of it on her clothes. Dry cleaning costs and discarded spotted clothing made eating quite expensive! Astute observations showed many others, both men and women, with the same affliction. Could clothes be protected in an environmentally safe (and inexpensive) way? Could local jobs be created?  Was there a way to fundraise for charities?  All rolled up into one venture?

Susan met Mary, a successful textile designer, artist and seamstress at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. Mary donated her talent of designing and creating beautiful and reversible bibs that are formally elegant and/or whimsical in style.

RRRiBib was hatched.

Thank You So Very Much

We wish to thank our supporters who are volunteering to make this dream come true including Starkor Manufacturing, Kelly Dodge, Rustic Bloom Photography, Jeff McRitchie and Precision Images. And of course thanks to our husbands who carry frogs and bolts of material without complaining.